What’s Next?

In the next 15-30 minutes, you will be receiving an email with your [Plan of Attack] to file you unemployment claim in Virginia. While you wait, please take the next few minutes to review resources available to help you quickly transition back into the the workforce.

Top 3 Resources to Help you Transition Back into the Workforce

#1 Start Getting Job Offers in 6-Weeks

Start getting a stream of job offers in as little as 6-weeks WITHOUT relying on resumes or online job boards.

If you’re new to job hunting in today’s job market, you we highly recommend that you attend this free strategy session with Michelle Huo, the founder of Wando International.

Available Until: Sunday 12:01 am
Trainer: Michelle Huo
Time: 15-Minutes

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#2 Outreach to your Network

LinkedIn is the largest professional social media network with over 540,000,000 users…and it’s free.  Avoid applying to online job boards like such as Indeed, where 84% of the jobs listed are considered “High-Risk” jobs.

Top Mistakes to Avoid:

  1. Applying to online job boards
  2. Submitting your Resume to as many companies as possible
  3. Taking any “High-Risk” job out of desperation
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#3 Optimize your Resume

Create an Optimized Resume in 4-Steps:

  1. Review each job posting and identify the key skills and qualifications the company is looking for. 
  2. When you list your skills and qualifications on your resume, use keywords found in the company’s job positing that matches your skill set.
  3. Quantify your previous work experience by including metrics that clearly demonstrate the impact of your skills.
  4. Get feedback and rewrite as needed

Need Help?

Our Unemployment Advisory Team is available to help if you have any questions concerning your eligibility requirements. If you require assistance, please email us at support@unemploymentadvisory.com or you can request assistance via text at +1-213-322-0113.