Submission Received!

Samantha Paulson


Congratulations, your submission has been received and assigned to an Unemployment Advisor. You will soon be sent an email with additional instructions on how increase your chances to win your unemployment claim and maximize the amount of benefits you can receive. Due to the high volume of submissions, please allow up to 45-minutes for a response.

Your Unemployment Advisor Will Help You:

  • Create a Modern Job Search plan to help you meet unemployment insurance eligibility requirements

  • Start getting a stream of premium job offers in as little as 7-days, when you’re ready to return to work.
  • Get up a $15,540 ‘Return-To-Work” Bonuses within 90-days after you receive your first paycheck.
  • Qualify for Pandemic Relief Programs that will Increase your starting pay between 32% to 67% for the 1st year after you return to work.

We’re Hiring…Join Our Team!


Ready to turn your passion for social justice into a rewarding career? We currently have positions available in our Workforce Development Division to empower vulnerable and “At-Risk” communities who were impacted by the global pandemic.  

Community Development Coordinator

Establish partnerships with regional churches and nonprofit organizations to host free workshops + seminars to empower vulnerable and “At-Risk” communities to escape poverty.

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Workshop + Seminar Facilitator

Facilitate workshops remotely using online conferencing tools to help those who recently lost their jobs to use Modern Job Hunting methods to quickly transition back into the workforce.

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Career Development Specialist

Help our clients launch and grow successful careers so they can ascend to the top of their field 10X faster using advanced career development strategies.

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Workforce Development Specialist

Work with local businesses to leverage Workforce Opportunity Tax Credits to create career opportunities that pay enough to meet the standard cost of living.

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