Rapid Re-Employment Program

You are currently eligible to participate in scholarship and grant subsidized programs to help you land a job.  Our system has matched you to an authorized Workforce Development Partner in Virginia based on your profile.  

Organization Name : Digital Advocates
Website: http://www.digitaladvocates.com

Program to Help Job Seekers to:

  • Reduce the Job Hunting Process by as much as 75%
  • Avoid mistakes 90% of the Job Hunters make that will cost you thousands of dollars a year.
  • Leverage to Power of LinkedIn to increase the number of job opportunities in Virginia by 400% or more
  • Help with the interview process to increase the number of job offers.

Have Questions?

Please contact your assigned Peer Advisor to help answer any questions you may have.

Peer Advisor Name: Samantha P.
SMS Number: +1-213-322-0113
Email Address: support@unemploymentadvisory.com