If the reason you quit your job was because of excessive hours, be prepared to explain what your idea of hours were when you accepted the job.  Have you always worked 40 hours and never been asked to work hours until recently?  Explain to the interviewer that there was sudden change and you were not given time to make arrangements at home and was unable to keep up the new hours.  By the time you get home now, the children are asleep and you leave for work early before they wake up.

It’s important to stress how these changes have affected the children and other family members in your life.  Tell Unemployment Personnel that you have been so tired that your work has begun to suffer.  Your quality of work is suffering as a result of the increased hours which have put your job in jeopardy.  If you know of any health studies that have been done about a sudden increase in hours at work, bring that with you to your interview.