Car problems can really get you into trouble with your job.  If you have an old clunker that finally gave out, you will have to consider what your next steps will be in order to get to work.  The problem is that you may not have enough money to get a new car or get your old one fixed.

Depending on where you live, public transportation may not be available and if it is, may not get you to your employer.  During you interview, tell them that you have always used this car to get to work and the fact that it no longer works put you in the predicament you are in.  Talk about the fact that you considered other options to get to work and state what those are including walking.  If you considered carpooling with a co-worker, state that as well and the reasons why it didn’t work out (children, school, etc).  It is best that you walk the interviewer through everything you thought of and did before you came to the conclusion that you had to quit your job.  Talk about how much you enjoyed your job and that you were really good at it.  If there were other problems with a supervisor or another work, this is not the time to bring this up.  Stick to talking about your transportation issues.  Your transportation problems are the reason why you quit and nothing else.

If your employer relocated to further away, this may be the reason that you are unable to work there.  If your employer leased their building, but decided to buy a building 100 miles away and it took its toll on your older car, tell your interviewer this.  It may not have been something that happened right away but over time caused significant wear and tear on the car which contributed to its demise.  When you are talking with your interviewer, state that you are very confident that you can find new work quickly closer to your home.  If your car no longer works, tell them that you will find work on the bus line or at a family member’s employer and you will go into work together.