Unemployment benefits are paid to those who have minimum work experience within the last one and one half years before filing.  Each state has different ways of coming up with a formula to determine benefits.  Most states require that you worked at least some of two different calendar quarter within the one to one half year timeframe and you also have to have made a specific dollar amount in wages.

Remember that unemployment benefit is paid to those who become unemployed through no fault of their own or leave with good cause.  You can usually receive unemployment benefits for up to 26 week, depending on how long you worked at your position before you were separated from the company.  The amount that you will receive depends on what you earned.  Each state has a maximum benefit amount but as a general rule if approved you will get less than half of your previous week’s earnings.

If you are already receiving Social Security Retirement, you may not get full unemployment benefits, depending upon the state you live.  Some state offset the unemployment benefit by the amount of Social Security you receive.  Unemployment is also taxable income.  The taxes will not be automatically withheld unless you request it.

You must also meet certain weekly requirements such as being physically and mentally able to work, seeking work and filling out your weekly claim of benefits.  If the Administrator identifies you as a person who is likely to exhaust the unemployment benefit without a position, you may be enrolled in a worker profiling or reemployment   services program to help you obtain a job.

If you are disabled, you may be limited to only part time work and claim unemployment benefits if you can provide documentation from a doctor that says have a chronic impairment that is expected to be long term or permanent.  The impairment should not be one that keeps you permanently from the labor force.

Generally exempt and nonexempt employees can be approved for unemployment benefits.  Your state will have more information in regards to benefits for these categories.