There are additional hurdles that must be met in certain situations.  If you are enrolled in school, you must have it approved by your unemployment agency.  You must also explain how your classes will not prohibit you from seeking employment or that you will stop going to school if it keeps you from finding a suitable job offer.

Earned Income

If you decide to work a part time job after actively looking for work, you may have an additional hurdle if you lose that job and become unemployed again.  If you have not earned at least $3000 during the one year period after filing unemployment, called the “base period”, you will not qualify for unemployment.  This is something to consider when you move from full time employment to part time employment.  Make sure you explore all full time avenues prior to taking on part time employment.  It is advisable that part time employment is only worked for a short time.

New Job

A new job presents a lot of promise.  If you new job lets you go before you have been there for three months or even closes due to restructure or downsizing,  you will not qualify for unemployment benefits.    This could put you in a bad predicament.  Do your research on a new employer.  Make sure you know more about the employer than just the new rate of pay.  Thoroughly research you new employer to see if they will be around for awhile.  If they are constantly in the news for various wrongs, do not sign up to work for them.