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Confidential Support
For Unemployment Advice

Unemployment Advisory is available to anyone who has lost their job here in the United States and needs help to quickly transition back into the workforce and maximize the amount of benefits available. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 8:00pm PST. Connect with one of our trained peer counselors by creating a free account today. 

Unemployment Advisory is here to help with:

  • Filing you Unemployment Claim

  • Severance Package Negotiations

  • Social Security Disability Benefits Filing

  • Understanding Federal and State Labor Laws

  • Access State, Federal and Foundational Benefits Programs

What to expect when using Unemployment Advisory?

Working with our Peer Advisor

Peer Advisors provide support by listening, asking questions, and reflecting on your current unemployment situation. They’re working professionals who have undergone a selection process and robust training. Our goal is to help you  access the benefits you need to REDUCE the stress and quickly transition back into the workforce.


We take your privacy seriously. We will never share information from the conversations. In return, we ask that you not share personally identifiable information about your previous workplace or colleagues. This protects you and our volunteer peer advisors.

Unemployment Advisory is comprised of a network of nonprofit organizations and advocacy groups on a mission to empower employees who have recently been terminated. We provide confidential support to help people access the benefits they need for a stress-free career transition. We’re able to provide our services at no charge thanks to our generous donors, volunteers, and advocacy partners.

This site is privately owned and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Unemployment Office, Social Security Administration, Department of Education, or any other government agency. The promotion of this website is sponsored exclusively by Non-Profit and Advocacy Groups who provide services applicable to this website for the public.  An automated matching system will match each request with an advisor representing the specific geography.